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Turning Brick & Mortar, into Click & Order.

Neoreef is more than just a web-design company. We supply a flexible, easy-to-use platform for creating and hosting websites, while simultaneously providing the technology and talented team necessary to service your business after launch. 

Neoreef addresses the two biggest issues with websites: lack of support and lack of control. We enable easy control of your website, while a dedicated support team provides you with training, mentorship, and specialized skills.

Websites are a business’ virtual location, available for anyone to see at any given time. That website can then connect your customers, employees, and partners to each other to create a new digital reef, teeming with life. Neoreef. 


Success Starts with Strategy

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Our passion lies not just in the technology surrounding the internet, but in the marketing and success of your business. We start with a strategy based on your audience, objectives, and competition to create a website that is designed to convert customers.

Neoreef specializes in post-launch digital marketing because having a shiny new website is only half the battle. We help you funnel more prospects to your website and rank higher in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your website isn't just a billboard, it's your most powerful marketing tool, and Neoreef can help you take full advantage of it.





A Platform for Success

The last website you'll ever need to build.

The Neoreef Platform is our proprietary web development software that enables us to build custom, one-of-a-kind websites. It allows our clients the flexibility to make changes to their own website, in real-time, without having to know a single line of code. The functionality is similar to that of a word processor for almost zero learning curve.

Our platform features zones to arrange your content with drag and drop ease. Full customizability is just a click away. No other web platform can offer this kind of customization, adaptability, and ease of use.

Platform Features


You can easily integrate e-commerce into your site without the need for third-party software. You have all the flexibility you need for product pages, a shopping cart, billing, and more.


Posting news, articles, and blog posts has never been easier with our blogging software. It contains both simplified and advanced options for even more control.

Revision Tracking

Built in version tracking allows you to make changes freely without worrying about messing up your site. It’s easy to roll back to an earlier version with the touch of a button.

Visible Editing

Our user interface allows you to edit pages while still seeing how those changes will appear before publishing it, ensuring that what you see is what you get.

Form Building

Powerful form building software allows custom forms to be created without needing to know how to write any code.


Built in user authentication and security roles provide fine-grain control over content permissions. In addition, we can provide SSL certificates and HIPAA compliant security measures.


All our page designs and themes are mobile responsive and take full advantage of modern standards and best practices.

File Management

Our flexible file management system allows you to easily upload media to your site and insert it on any page or post in a snap.

 A Team to Help You Succeed

We Don't Call It Quits When Your Project is Done, We're Your Digital Partner

At Neoreef, we have the in-house resources to deliver on digital projects of all sizes and help you maintain them after. Your website is organic and we can help you keep it up to date, whether it be helping to teach you how to create content yourself, managing updates for you, creating digital assets for you, and more.

Ongoing Training

Neoreef offers free training on how to make changes to your website and monthly seminars on web marketing so your site can evolve with your business needs.


Technical Support

Neoreef will never leave you hanging in the event you have a question or an issue. We offer a toll free number from 9-5 and the ability to reach our support staff 24/7.

Professional Services

We offer a comprehensive selection of services to our clients to help grow their business. From SEO to Pay Per Click to Rollover Plans, we offer something for all of your needs. 


Avoid Rebuilding Your Website Every Few Years

Consider Us Your Ultimate Web Consultant

The typical website has a 3 year lifespan and costs over $11k to create and maintain. By that time, it's outdated in dire need of a redesign or rebuild.

Neoreef helps you avoid this. We build websites on a platform that regularly receives new functionality and updates, which means no more costly teardowns and rebuilds.

When you decide to have Neoreef build you a website, you are making a decision to work with a company that aligns itself with the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and professionalism.

Powerful Tools

Our website content management tools will enable you to quickly and easily make real-time updates and optimizations to your website.

Flexible Apps

Neoreef features 80+ apps to suit a variety of businesses: shopping carts, security features, blogs, sliders, web forms, and much more.

Why Choose Neoreef as Your Digital Agency?

The number one reason we hear from our clients is, "We felt like you cared about our business' success."

Client Testimonials

"Neoreef has been great to work with. They've created several websites for my company and always do outstanding work. And they work fast, completing a whole site in a few weeks. Neoreef has an excell… 
- Dan J. - Riverwood Homes
"My website rocks and I can't say enough about how my partnership with Neoreef has influenced its success."  
- Trey L. - Build Idaho
"Choosing to work with Neoreef for our website is one of the best business decisions we've ever made!  Several years ago, we contacted numerous companies looking to redesign our site.  We unanimously… 
- Adam B. - Idaho MSA
"We hired Neoreef to build our WAFWA website and it has been wonderful experience! Competitively priced, excellent service and training.  In addition to traditional web services, Neoreef is positione… 
- Deb V. - WAFWA
"The team at Neoreef are very friendly, cool. smart, creative, and caring. This group of people were very attentive to us the entire process. From our first meeting to the end of our website creation… 
- Ben S. - Home Satellite Solutions
"Outstanding company!  The team at Neoreef are very friendly, cool. smart, creative, and caring. This group of people were very attentive to us the entire process. From our first meeting to the en… 
- Sandra S. - Home Satellite Solutions
"Neoreef recently completed our Blind Appeal website.  We are extremely pleased with not only the website they created specifically for our company, but with their professional and friendly staff.  F… 
- Frank A. - Blind Appeal
"Do you need a new website?  If you do please get with these guys.  Drake Mechanical has been using Neoreef for 2 years now and I love it.  They have made it easy to edit, add pages and continue to i… 
- Nick D. - Drake Mechanical

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