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Fasten Your seatbelts: Here are the Results from Google's Mobile Web Speed Update

Buckle up because, as of today, mobile devices using Google just got faster search results and overall web speed. Here’s proof.  

Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog the results from the launch of one of their latest algorithmic ranking factors. This speed update produced an overall faster web, by downgrading the search results of snail pace mobile pages.

Google shared a few metrics of where improvements have been made


1. Snail Pace Websites Became 15-20% Faster 

Google’s findings showed that even the slowest sites on the web got faster. Websites, on average, improved by up to 20% in load speed. 

As noted on, Google said, "For the slowest one-third of traffic, we saw user-centric performance metrics improve by 15% to 20% in 2018."

This is a nice step up from back in 2017, when Google said they saw no improvement at all with slow websites that saw a drop in Google rankings. 


2. Universally a Faster Web 

This update has made for an overall faster web for 95% of all countries across the world. 


3. Lower Abandonment Rates from Search 

When a webpage is slow to load, many of us start finicking with our computer to see if it will load, or become distracted with something else. 

But what Google recently saw from this update was a 20% drop in the abandonment rate of search navigations. Also, site owners can now measure this via Network Error Logging API-- available in Chrome. 



No More Stop and Go, Greenlight Only When it Comes to Site Speed 

Site speed can make or break a site’s success. We’ve all been on a website where it seems to take eons to load. Watching text appear as if we were back in the typewriting days. 

If you have a bare-bones older website, you may have lost some traffic. Many of those lost users likely made a detour onto a faster site due to your slow site speeds. And, if you are feeling like you’re at a standstill with no direction of where to go next, start by making a list of items and resources to get you to your desired destination-- faster site speed. 

Read ‘Does Your Website Make these 7 Mistakes?’ for steps you can take to resolve site roadblocks. 

You can also test your site speed and optimize your users’ experience with Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool.

If you are unsure how your pages are performing, you can use these tools:


Fuel Your Tank 

No speed limits should be put on the user or creator of any website. Faster is always better when you are traveling across the big wide web in search of a destination. 

Improving your site speed is not just helping people get from here to there, but improving both the journey and the destination. A faster mobile site speed makes for better Google rankings when it comes to your site, and a much better experience for the user-- your potential customers. 

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