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OneNet integration with Adobe DreamWeaver

Today Neoreef officially announced support for Adobe DreamWeaver in the OneNet product. This marks a major milestone in speed to implementation and productivity for power users. DreamWeaverLeveraging OneNet's new web folders capability based on WebDAV users and implementation specialists can now build their own OneNet themes and edit page content with the popular Adobe DreamWeaver product. While other editors such as Microsoft FrontPage are supported, DreamWeaver brings some extra bits to the table.
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Re:OneNet integration with Adobe DreamWeaver
I've had the opportunity to use it. The best endorsement I can think of for it is to say "I can't believe I lived without it!"
Posted by on 2/15/2007 9:09 PM
Re:OneNet integration with Adobe DreamWeaver
It would be nice to see some documentation or instruction on how to enable this feature, so far all I can do is download the content I already have access too.
Posted by on 2/24/2009 8:09 PM

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