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Fuel your Business Growth with these Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies

Looking for ways to grow your company’s presence online, all while attracting potential customers in the meantime? New to content marketing or in need of directing in fine-tuning your current content marketing strategy? Well, you are in the right place. 

Together, we will walk through affordable, actionable, and valuable content marketing strategies that will help you compete in the modern digital landscape. Also, keep in mind that content marketing costs on average 62% less than any other strategies out there on the market, while still delivering as much as three times the results. 

While there are many content marketing strategies out there, we have narrowed down to a handful of five content marketing strategies you can take to fuel your business’ growth. 
If you are new to content marketing, feel free to read the content marketing section in our “ &


1. Boost Product Descriptions 

Do you feature descriptions of products and services on your website? If you answered yes or no, your descriptions are absolutely essential to your company’s success in the content marketing sphere. 

First, you want to make sure that your product descriptions shine a light on your product(s) or service(s) benefits, and highlight the unique selling points that make your company stand out amongst the competitors. You want to make product descriptions that sell  , and here are some tips to do just that: 

  • Focus in on your ideal buyer 
  • Attract business via benefits 
  • Support your use of superlatives 
  • Appeal to your readers’ imagination via mini-stories and sensory words 

While it may take some time to write product descriptions, it is worth it when it comes to your company boosting not only its profits but boosting the overall quality of your content in the process. 

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2. Make Dedicated Landing Pages

Have you been sending all your customers who discover your company through social media posts, Google Ads, or even email marketing pages straight to your home page? Although this can sometimes be effective, you may want to consider dedicated landing pages in order to convert leads and bring customers to what they want from your service or product. 

Dedicated landing pages are especially effective when it comes to not overloading visitors to your site with a bunch of information, as well as non-essential information that does not apply to your offers. Pairing your dedicated landing page with a unique opportunity or offer is crucial for increasing your leads. 

And the more dedicated landing pages you have, the more conversions you will see on your site. Keep in mind, though, that many companies do not see an increase in leads when increasing their overall number of landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10. But business did see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.  Additionally, a business that had 40 or more landing pages on their website saw an increase in leads. Lastly, ensure your landing pages are distinct. 

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3. Lean into Email 

Using email is an effective way for you to keep in contact with current or prospective customers or clients. Email is effective and easy when it comes to keeping in contact, as well as keeping your brand out front and center, and in front of the competition. Also, email subscribers are more likely to share your content. 

But what about if you already do email campaigns or have never even done one before? Well, let's walk through step-by-step on how to craft a stellar email campaign  :

  1. Create a stellar subject line that gives a glimpse into the content of your message. 
  2. Ensure the preview text (a first line or two) is visible, descriptive, and intrigues the reader before opening the email
  3. Write for the web, using a logical structure, short paragraphs, and a clear objective 

Content marketing can fuel your business’ email marketing. Through successful email marketing, you can drive traffic, engage with audiences, and boost your return on investment in the process. Together your content marketing and email campaigns can fuel each other by increasing your reach, influence in your marketplace. 

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4. Use and Utilize Modern Keyword Techniques 

Keywords are at the heart of your content marketing strategy, especially in  nailing a high and withstanding ranking in the SERPS . Make sure your keyword search strategy overarches your overall content strategy. Then, when you are looking for how to enhance your keyword search strategy, look at clustering content into groups. Think of other related topics or terms referring to your topic of choice. For instance, if you are covering a topic about construction, it is crucial to having subtopics such as contractors, builders, developers, since this increases your relevancy.  

Keywords also should emphasize the searcher’s content needs, not on what your competitors are ranking for nor what you want to rank for. If you are looking for tactics your business can use to skyrocket your search traffic, here are some of the many tactics to keep in your back pocket:

  • Segment your audience to increase engagement 
  • Focus on facts and think tactically 
  • Evolve your content with your audience 
  • Make headlines based on emotional keywords 

Lastly, your keywords should provide answers to customer’s questions. While we know you are not a mindreader, applying these content marketing tactics can skyrocket your search traffic, and in turn, boost your business. 

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5. Expand & Establish Content Marketing Strategies 

With any form of marketing, a specified content marketing strategy plays a big part in actually seeing success. While you can wander and dabble in various areas of content marketing, it is best if you set specific attainable goals and outline the steps you need to take to achieve them. 

There are many tools out there for you to gauge where and how you want to use your content marketing strategy. For instance, if you want to see your business have an increase in leads then using Google Ads can plant the seed and help you grow dynamic landing pages. Leading us to the next step, remember to not forget about Google Analytics to measure your business’ growth and success. 

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The Journey Of Content Marketing

With anything in life or even the digital sphere, in this case, content marketing will not always be easy or straightforward. But at the end of the day, your investment in expanding and establishing a content marketing strategy that fits you, your business’ needs, will lead to a great return on investment and an array of opportunities. Putting your time and energy into a content marketing strategy can give your business a step up and above the competition. 

From product descriptions to using keyword techniques, there’s a lot of content marketing strategies to learn in between. With each strategy see what it fits within your business model. These content marketing strategies are not a one size fits all, but between these top 5 content marketing strategies you are bound to find what works for you and will skyrocket your business to the top. 

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