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A new way to manage files in OneNet

Today Neoreef released a long overdue addition to the OneNet product that will change the way files and folders are managed. These new file management capabilities will simplify the process of uploading, downloading, and organizing files in OneNet systems.

This new file management capability uses standards based WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) technology commonly referred to as Web Folders. Similar in concept to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) this new system allows users to easily move files between their local PC and their OneNet based site. We chose this technology over commonly used FTP because of it's wide spread support and ease of use. WebDAV is also firewall friendly and uses port 80 just like web pages.

WebDAV is also natively supported all major operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. This support allows OneNet websites to be mounted as drives or folders on these operating systems enabling drag and drop file transfers. This sort of transparency makes file management on OneNet simple and intuitive.

Other applications such as Microsoft Office also offers support for Web Folders and allow users to open and save files directly from and to a OneNet Web Folder just as if it where on the users local PC. Microsoft Office also can lock files while a user is making modifications, perfect for on-line document collaboration.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg. For instance, Mac users can publish and subscribe to ICal calendars through the OneNet Web Folder system, Web Designers can create new OneNet themes, office workers can instantly publish document shares, and copywriters and use what ever editor they choose to create new content. This list just goes on and on.

Look for more great uses of this technology in the coming months.

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