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Custom Website Design and your Business

On our team, our experiences and workflow have brought about a richer appreciation for the role of custom design in a companys website. While we do like to focus heavily on the look and usability of our websites, we believe designs greatest value to a business goes deeper than the idea that its a beautiful exterior that attracts customers.

When utilizing a custom Web site design, you will get a website created specifically to incorporate your unique business model. The content, imagery, and marketing input that you will implement will be specific to the business needs of your organization. You will have the advantage of creating an online business presence that will help you garner new clientele, build your brand, and the ability to implement strategic marketing.

The most important thing you can do to your competition is distinguish yourself from them by implementing an unforgettable marketing strategy. Neoreef is a full service Web design, applications and marketing firm that will help you brand your unique website so that it leaves a lasting impression on your targeted market by utilizing effective copywriting, keyword analysis, custom graphic design, video and many other custom Web 2.0 features available only through custom Web solutions.

We think it’s a shame when other developers debate the merits of design after the core product is already completed, because it misses out on design’s true potential: to impact your internal business. Good design for your company doesn’t just sell products. Good design fosters collaboration, communicates strategy, sets expectations, and most importantly inspires and motivates.

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