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OneNet 3.0 CMS Released

Neoreef's latest version of the award winning CMS is launched. Based on the Microsoft .Net 3.5 framework, the 3.0 release boasts improved performance and many new features.

New Interface

The first thing users will notice is the sexy new black interface. Out with old in with the new. We felt the blue was getting a bit dated and wanted to freshen things up for this release. Menus and tools have kept their location, but have been augmented by a new dynamic help system.

Text Editor Enhancements

We know our users spend a lot of time in the Text Editor, so we did too. Here are a few new things to notice:

  • Template Snippets: These are really cool. You can now create reuseable snippets that speed content creation.
  • Merge Fields: Just like you would use in a mail merge document. You can merge in data about your users or your site. Fields like phone numbers, addresses , and names make quick work of updates and allow your content to be customized..
  • Spell check: Spell check is now server based, so it works in any browser.
  • Image Map Editor: Now you can create and edit hot spot links on images.
  • Google Maps: Easily insert Google maps into your pages, complete with push pins and polylines.
  • More Room: The editor now scales to fill the canvas so you have more room to work.

Other Enhancements

There are many other things we have done to make the OneNet platform easy

  • Page Alternate Resources: Pages can now be mapped to anything you like, Urls, files, or other pages.
  • Google Analytics Integration: We now augment the integrated OneNet logging with Google Analytics. This integration is the perfect blend of both detailed and broad based analytics.
  • Bugs & Fixes: Yes, bugs happen. This update forced us to go over a lot of things we hadn't been over for a while and we fixed a bunch of bugs we had missed.

We would like to thank all of our loyal users for their support and feedback, and we hope you enjoy this new version.


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