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Latest Updates

One of the many benefits you receive as a Neoreef client is that the modules you invest in for your specific website solution are continuously and automatically evolving with feature, performance and security enhancements. The most recent releases include:

Enhancements to the OneNet Platform

The site administrator can now set the system to create user owned page(s) upon a user being added to a security role. An example of how this functionality can be utilized, is that an administrator can set up a template that will automatically create new page(s) on the website with user specific content, layout and functionality that can then be immediately managed by the new user. A great feature for Real Estate companies or any company that wishes to simplify the creation of rep specific pages on their website.

Enhancements to the HomeSell Properties Module

Neoreef has added the abipty for extra images to be uploaded to HomeSell Properties. For example, the MLS currently pmits images to 10, but HomeSell now enables agents to post unlimited property images.

A printable single page flyer has now been added to Homesell to enable an agent or a client to be able to print specific information related to a selected listing; including relevant specs, agent information and the first 3 images associated with the listing.

The usability of HomeSell has been enhanced by adding more “web 2.0” style interactions. For example, property details now open in modal windows on the same page, as opposed to opening a new page. Additionally, the property map has been enhanced by being more interactive for the site visitor.

The HomeSell property search module now has list view option in addition to a map view.


Enhancements to the ProFolio Module & the Live Publish Module

Downloadable VCards have been added to ProFolio in addition to the ability for the administrator to modify the display order of Bios within each group and also chose which attributes of the Bio will display or be hidden.

For those Neoreef Clients that have both the ProFolio module and Live Publish Module, you will notice that there are now links connecting articles that are posted within Live Publish and the biography of the author of the article within Profolio.

Enhancements to the Blog Module.

Include the ability to now post an image within the summary.


Enhancements to the Discussion Module

Now enables the original poster of the discussion thread to receive an email notification when a comment has been made on the thread.

Enhancements to the PeopleBase Module

Email addresses are now hidden from SPAM Bots and Card View now enables an image to be added to the contact record.

Powerful Tools, Unlimited Support

Neoreef addresses the two biggest issues with websites: lack of control and lack of support. We enable easy control of your website, while a dedicated support team provides you with training, mentorship, and specialized skills.

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