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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Advertising

With Google’s dominance of the search market, we can sometimes forget to focus on Microsoft Advertising as another avenue to drive our business marketing strategy. But Google and Microsoft should go together like peanut butter and jelly. The search marketers who win are the ones who put extra time and thought into tailoring each of their ad campaigns to each platform. 

Throughout this blog post, you will learn the five reasons why Microsoft Advertising can benefit your business marketing strategy on top if you are already using Google Ads to spearhead your marketing strategy. 

1. Less Competition and Cheaper Costs Per Click

While many small to medium size businesses see Microsoft Advertising as an afterthought, you should most definitely consider pairing both Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads. 

Reason being, Microsoft and Google hit different demographics than one another. With almost half of Bing Network users falling in between the ages of 35-54. Also, Microsoft Advertising allows you to reach a wider audience of a targeted group, and produce better results than Google Ads alone. 

Point being with Microsoft Advertising, you will have better ad positions and cheaper costs per click

What Bing lacks in volume, it definitely makes up in performance. For instance, you could spend less on your ads since your pay-per-click (PPC) is lower due to less competition. Meaning you the advertiser get more bang for your buck. In fact, costs on Microsoft advertising can be up to 70% lower compared to Google Ads. 

While you are saving quite a bit with Microsoft, you will want to still use both Microsoft and Google Ads  to ensure are reaching the most people you can possibly can. 

2. More Control Over Your Ad Campaigns 

With Microsoft Advertising, you have a lot more granular control over your ad campaigns than you do with Google Ads. 

For instance, Microsoft Advertising allows you to assign various campaigns with various time zones, which makes complex ad scheduling strategies more simple to manage. 

Also, Microsoft Advertising gives you more control over your daily budgets with no mandatory spending thresholds. With having more control over your daily budgets, you have more time to manage your budget by setting your bids to adjust up or down automatically based on such things like device, location and time. 

So, if you were to put Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising side by side, you would see that you Microsoft allows you more freedom to make changes and adjustments that fit your needs at that time. At the end of the day, you should keep using both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising so you can have that balance in your marketing strategy. 


3. Transparency When It Comes to Your Data 

Microsoft Advertising offers full transparency from industry to location, and even scheduling your ads, as well as having the ability to see all the data you need to make informed marketing decisions. 

From having this transparency in your data, you will be able to better plan for better strategies, create a more productive schedule, and find trends that work for you. 

Through this transparency of your data, you are able to target and cater to what your audience likes and dislikes are. This transparency of data can also help when it comes to targeting toward that group and how they like to search. 

Also this year, Microsoft has gotten better about being more transparent about the data they collect by improving their product documentation. Meaning they want your data to be easy to access, understand, and explain why that data is essential for that category of your ads. With this transparency when it comes to your data, Microsoft is hoping this will allow users like you to have more control over their marketing strategy. 

Microsoft prides themselves on transparency, where they are continuing to invest in clear and consistent communication with their customers and the roadblocks they face. They are hoping by providing their customers with explanations and descriptions, they can help people better understand why data is either required or optional. 

Ultimately, Microsoft hopes to be as transparent as they can be with their customers, so advertisers like you can have more control and an understanding of your data and how it relates to your marketing strategy. 

4. Action Extensions Add A Call-to-Action Button

Action extensions in Microsoft Advertising add a call-to-action button next to your ad in the search results, linking to a landing page of your choice. 

In using these extensions, you are able to help your ads stand out among the rest while giving another incentive for the user to click on your ads. 

Also, Microsoft Advertising has close to 70 pre-defined calls to action that can help you when it comes to drawing attention to your ad. 

Another thing you can do with Microsoft action extensions is associate them at the account, campaign, or ad group level with the lowest level taking precedence. And you also have the option of setting a URL as an action extension. 

Keep in mind that action extension clicks are considered and counted the same as headline clicks. With these action extensions, you can take any one of your pages on your site from display and social media ads that feature these calls to action. And this ad extension is only available in Microsoft Advertising. 

With these ad extensions, users are able to be more innovative and use a variety of calls-to-actions to get your user’s attention. So if you are using Google Ads callout actions right now, you may want to consider also using Microsoft Advertising to attract and bring traffic into your site. 


5. Expand Your Reach Beyond Google Ads 

By expanding your reach beyond Google Ads, you will not want to miss out on any potential impressions and clicks by not using Microsoft Advertising. And if you are worried about investing your time also in Microsoft Advertising, you can actually import your Google Ads into Microsoft. 

In using Microsoft Advertising, you will be able to test out new and other features that Google Ads does not have, while reaching different demographics too with your ad campaigns. So using both these platforms in your marketing strategy can help maximize your customer reach and success. Not only will using Microsoft Advertising expand your reach beyond Google Ads, but this will help increase your visibility and generate leads across both search engines. And if you are not convinced yet, here are some reasons as to why you could have the best of both worlds with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

  • Reach your customers where they are searching 
  • Easily expand your current ad campaigns 
  • Boost your business’ visibility and leads 

Google Ads + Microsoft Advertising = Best Business Marketing Strategy 

No more should you just use Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising for this or that. These two platforms should work hand and hand to boost your visibility and business across these two search engines. And if you are ready to try out any two of these ad platforms, we recommend setting up and running campaigns on both ad networks to see what works best for your business marketing strategy. 

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