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5 Ways You Can Start Boosting Your Content Now

Sometimes we spend so much time on compiling content that we lose focus of the parts we should be working on to give our content a leg up on our competitors. 

And while we sit here wondering and searching the web, Orbit Media each year shares their Blogging Statistics and Trends survey to help content creators and bloggers better curate content and understand their audience. Within this report, there is a robust amount of information, so in the time being we are going to focus on a handful of ways you can start boosting your content

1. Start Spending More Time on Each Post 

On average, the majority of people spend around 4 hours writing a blog post before publishing it, according to a blogging survey. Even if you are an expert on a certain subject, I think we can all agree that still is not enough time, simply because four hours is usually not enough time for good research. 

It is nearly impossible to do in-depth research, synthesize it all, and then break it down into key takeaways in less than four hours. Keeping in mind when you curate content, you want to think of ways you can bring new life and insight to a topic of discussion and interest to your audience. 

If you want to write content that produces strong results, you want to spend six or more hours

2. Don’t Put Editing on the Backburner

Many of us can agree that the majority of the content out on the Interweb can be quite mind numbing. Even if the content is filled with juicy information, it will not make the cut or catch your reader’s interest if nobody can truly digest the message you are trying to convey to them. 

First and foremost, your content should make your readers feel something and maybe raise an eyebrow or two. 

Next, your content should hit home when it comes to the tone, style, and delivery. While you just may have written a flawless piece of content, you will need to put editing at the forefront, so you can ensure what you just have written coincides with the tone of your target audience. 

Although you may be the only one editing your content, you should try to have at least one or two other people read your content, since having someone edit your content can enhance its quality by 38%

Bad grammar and editing can make you seem less credible to your readers. Also, bad editing can give your readers a negative impression of your brand. So, when it comes to editing, you can either have someone proofread your work, or use a third party service like UpWork or Grammarly to check your work. Here are five steps you can take during the editing process to ensure your content is top notch, such as: 

  1. Clarify and condense 
  2. Add charts, tables, videos and photos 
  3. Proofread 
  4. Optimize for SEO 
  5. Preview before posting


3. Stop Neglecting Old Content

At times, writing top notch content can take anywhere from hours to days to weeks. Creating a great piece of content can even take months, depending on the content you are writing. With so much time, effort, sweat, and maybe some tears, it can be oh so easy to just hit the publish button and just forget about it. 

Many of us have done just that, and at times wish we would have spent a tad more time spicing up that paper or blog post. And while planning in advance can help you avoid doing just that, your posts can sometimes become outdated in a matter of weeks. 

But those who decide to go back and spice up old content are actually  twice as more likely to report success. Updating your content gives you the chance to stand out among your competitors. 

To see what content you should spice up, look into your Google Analytics, more specifically in All Pages under Site Content, which falls under Behavior. 

And if you see your post has flatlined in your analytics, then take time to update it and fit your searcher’s expectations. You can do this by looking in your SERPs for target keywords, as well as looking into the few posts ranking above it. When you look at those few posts, think about whether they are more in-depth, longer, and contain more visuals than yours. 

Another thing to consider is that your blog post touches on the latest information. Also, seeing what this piece of content may be missing and when you find that, you will want to tweak, fix, and update it to reclaim your rightful spot in SERP position. If you are still wondering why you should stop neglecting your old content and investing in it; first your old content already exists in search engines, second it saves your resources and lastly old content can be a launching pad for new ideas


4. Start Conducting Your Own Research

When you start the research process, you need to first analyze the data you collect and assess the information you have come across. 

Original research shows your audience that you are reputable, relevant, and resonate with what they are searching for. Most searchers want content that is informative and has data to back up that information. 

For instance, according to the Blogging Statistics and Trends survey, 85% of those publishing original research report stronger results than traditional blogging. So, developing original research on unique and trending topics in your niche will always help you stand out among your competitors-- and it can produce stronger results, too. 

You will also want to analyze the data you have collected, apply that data to improving your content, and to track the results of your plan/research. While writing a blog post is not a simple feat, it may help you during the writing process to first plan, then do your own research, and double check the facts and grammar you use throughout your post

Always ask yourself, when writing a blog post, whether a sentence, paragraph, or even a whole section, is adding value to your audience. If it is not, don’t hesitate to cut it. At the end of the day or blog post, you are not looking to create cookie-cutter content. 

5. Start Doing What Others Aren’t 

While it may be quite tempting to pump out a bunch of content for the sake of content, you should instead capitalize more on what readers want to see

You can do this through increasing the length of your posts, collaborating with leaders in your industry on a post, and adding rich media, such as video and audio to your content. 

Don’t forget about the receptiveness of your audience-- figure out which blog posts have seen the most engagement through clicks, shares, and downloads. If you want to have better content, rankings, and engagement, you will have to invest in what most content creators are not. You can make your content standout above the rest, by: 

  • Publishing epic content 
  • Delivering practical and useful content 
  • Showcase your strengths and experiences in your content 

Putting It All Together 

With there being many thousands of blog posts out there, differentiating your content from the rest will help you not only stand out, but also give you a leg up on your competitors. Putting together all these blog tips, such as dedicating more time to each blog post, putting editing first, doing your own research and much more, can truly help your content stand out among the rest. 





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