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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Content Marketing

When consistently performed, content marketing enables you to cultivate leads, improve SEO, position yourself as reputable source for information and services, and secure the trust and support of your customers.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build awareness of your brand and drive inbound leads to your business.

Creating great content that solves problems and is genuinely useful to your customers has the ability to resonate more powerfully with your customers than traditional marketing techniques.

When consistently performed, content marketing enables you to cultivate leads, improve SEO, position yourself as reputable source for information and services, and secure the trust and support of your customers.

1.  Delivers High Quality Leads

Content marketing can deliver 30% more organic traffic into quality sales leads than traditional advertising. Content marketing enables strangers to find your business through the useful content you provided. These are your new leads. Only those who are interested in your field of expertise or market will be searching for the phrases and keywords that will bring them to your page. They clicked on your site for a reason: they must already be intrigued.

According to Social Media B2B, companies with active blogs generate 67% more leads per month. In addition, Aberdeen conducted a study that determined businesses focusing on content marketing increased their website conversion rates more than 5x. What could your business do with 5x more web conversions?

Only those who are genuinely interested by your content will take the next step to fill out the webform to receive more information like an eBook, white paper, etc. Content marketing helps you distill your leads down into the ideal customer or client. Now your sales teams are selling to quality leads, saving you time and money. This is the power of inbound marketing through content.

2. Great Content Improves SEO

Create content so great that everyone will want to share and link to it. Shareable and trustworthy content ranks higher in results. Google favors authoritative content. Create that.

Content marketing by necessity requires great SEO to be consistently successful. The practical application of SEO is through content. The best way to consistently build backlinks is by producing and publishing killer content.

3. Positions Your Brand as Leader

Engaging and useful content positions your brand as the authoritative leader, increasing trust and word-of-mouth recommendations. Being seen as a reputable source for solutions creates the opportunity to nurture leads. People visit your site to solve a problem.

When you provide a helpful resource, your visitor begins to trust you. Do this consistently and you become a trusted resource. This is how you build a community around your content and brand.

4. Influence Customer Decisions

Content marketing allows you to influence consumers before they make up their minds. A Roper Public Affairs study found 80% of business decision makers prefer a series of articles instead of traditional advertisements. Similarly, Dragon Search Marketing found that, “61% of consumers are influenced by custom content.”

5. Social Media Amplifies Content

Social media is sustained by a steady stream of fresh content. The stronger your content marketing initiative, the more content is available to be shared. Interesting content is significantly more likely to be shared. Without content, social media marketing is bound to fail.

These two branches of marketing are different yet entwined. Social media has the unique ability to act as a megaphone and amplify your content and messaging. In our digital age, exciting or compelling content can gain enough momentum to catapult it in front of a worldwide audience.

6. Content Marketing Delivers Strong ROI

If a piece of content is intended to generate sales leads, you’d necessarily track KPIs like email sign-ups and contact form completions. In the case of building brand trust, you’d track social media traction among influencers and relevant publications. Return on investment is typically tracked through web traffic, sales lead quality, and social media sharing.

Tracking ROI is all about collecting as much data as possible. A study conducted by Demand Metric found that content marketing “costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing” and “generates approximately 3 times as many leads.”

This increased efficiency helps you waste less time and generate more leads. If you want to generate more leads, then you must allocate part of your marketing budget toward content creation, promotion, and metric tracking.

The Bottom Line

According to a study conducted by KEY Difference Media, “78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships.”

Long-term partnerships built on trust are what has enabled Neoreef to thrive for more than fifteen years. Ultimately, providing useful information tailored to your specific audience becomes a differentiator that can have a positive impact on both the lives of your customers and your bottom line.

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